Welcome to FatCat Promotions, where we go out of our way to help you choose the best promotional products and gifts for your valued clients and staff members.

We realise how valuable your time is, which is why we will do everything possible to make the process of acquiring your promotional / branded products, as easy for you as we can.

Bought by Alison and Tracey from the previous owners in 2007, FatCat Promotions has gone from strength to strength over the years, due in part to our loyal customers and diverse suppliers.

Due to both our interest in the environment and an increasing demand by our clients for eco friendly products, we are constantly looking to source both New Zealand made and genuine environmentally friendly products. We are also searching out suppliers who are serious about their Corporate Social Responsibility.

On a lighter note, we enjoy a bit of humour (life’s too short to be miserable), so apologies in advance for that, but we are serious about one thing in particular and that is having happy, satisfied customers at the end of the day.

We won't scare you with photos of ourselves, so instead...... 


This is FONZIE (aka continual-work-in-progress) - a 1939 Ford Barrel Nose.

Alison and her husband try and take her out as much as they can, which is never often enough!

In the last few years she's survived going from Auckland down to Christchurch, been on loads of weekend and day trips (including several Beach Hops) and even been down the drag strip at Meremere a couple of times.... not bad for an old girl!