Car First Aid Kit
Under $20.00 each

This handy fist aid kit is useful in most situations and includes a comprehensive range of first aid items.

Bag is manufactured from 70D nylon with two zippered compartments.

- Rubber gloves
- Life saving blanket
- Sticky tape
- Scissors
- 6 x safety pins
- 2 x mosquito towelettes
- Hydrochloride of sodium (.9%)
- 2 x towelettes
- 12 x band aids
- 6 x alcohol prep pads
- Tweezers
- Crepe bandage
- Triangular bandage
- Cotton balls
- Non-sterilized & sterilized eye pad
- Sterilized nonwoven compress

170mm(w) x 110mm(h) x 60mm(d)

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