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Essentially there are two kinds of ‘waterproof’ jackets - water resistant (showerproof), and fully waterproof.

Water resistant jackets are treated with a waterproof coating while fully waterproof jackets are made with a waterproof membrane and taped, or sealed, seams and will be treated with a water repellant coating.

The biggest advantage of water resistant jackets is price, they tend to be cheaper than fully waterproof styles. However, they won’t usually be breathable and are often less durable needing reproofing more regularly than a waterproof jacket.

How Waterproof is Waterproof?

How waterproof a jacket is will depend on its waterproof rating. The higher a jacket’s waterproof rating the longer the fabric will remain waterproof for.

Types and Styles of Jacket

Two Layer Waterproof Jackets
A two layer jacket is one of the most common waterproof jackets. A two layer jacket combines an outer shell that is fully waterproof with an inner lining layer (membrane) of mesh, polyester taffeta or both. The inner lining layer prevents the deterioration of the waterproof lining by acting as a barrier to corrosion by the wearer’s movements and sweat. These are the most common type of waterproof jacket.

Three Layer Waterproof Jackets
The three layer is named as such because it has an external waterproof fabric layer, an internal waterproof and breathable membrane and an additional bonded protective lining. These 3 layers are bonded together to make a technically efficient 1 layer lightweight jacket.

A three layer jacket is suitable for just about all weather conditions, even torrential rain.

3 in 1 Waterproof Jackets
Not to be confused with a three layer jacket, a 3 in 1 waterproof jacket consists of a waterproof outer-shell with a detachable inner fleece, softshell or padded jacket.  A 3 in 1 jacket is a versatile option for all year round as it’s ideal for changeable weather conditions.

A packaway jacket is a lightweight waterproof jacket that can easily be packed away in its own bag. A pakka jacket, our version of a packaway jacket, is the ideal ‘just in case’ jacket for fair weather walkers and travellers who need something lightweight to store in their rucksacks. They are also suitable for everyday use (the perfect size for handbags) whether it be around town or walking the dog.

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